1. #4 - Tenor Cigfiddle. A 1920’s tenor banjo neck on a Padron 7000 box with a vintage Harmony tailpiece.

  2. #3 The Fuente Uke - A 4 string uke made from an Arturo Fuente cigar box. Has an early 20’s mandolin neck and a piezo pickup. Has a uke meets resonator guitar sound. 

  3. #2 “Cigmando” a cigar box mandolin. A Padron 2000 box and neck, tuners and bridge salvaged from an early 1900’s bowl-back mandolin. NFS.

  4. Late 40’s Harmony Patrician. Mahogany body, with spruce center stripe on top, very cool carnation-styled pickguard, checkered binding and Art Deco design on headstock. Has original case and string strap that came with the guitar. An incredible piece - great player. $600

  5. 1976 Fender Deluxe Reverb. All original. Only 1 cap and 1 resistor replaced. Before the pull-knob boost. Very well broken in and with an upgraded Jensen C12Q speaker. 

  6. #1 

    First cigar box guitar I’ve built. It’s a Padron 7000 box with a 1950’s Kay tenor banjo neck, a privacy bolt for the bridge, crumb catchers for hole covers, and a jazzmaster bridge in the end for the tail piece.

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    Hendrik Schwartz

    The only ray of light from a Pyongyang apartment block. 

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    Bryan Derballa

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    Renaud Julian - New York

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    Maren Morstad 

  15. July 16, 1969: The Earth photographed by the Apollo 11 crew on their first day in orbit.

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